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Finally, a company that cares about your brand as much as you do


Expect only the best with a company that actually does what it says it will do.


At H5 PRODUCTS, we go beyond just the buying and selling of products.

We are a partner who shares your brand's vision and helps to take it to the next level.


H5 Products is quickly becoming one of the largest and most dynamic ecommerce retailers in the country. Our business model is based on mutual success of everyone involved by being versatile, adaptable, and building partner type relationships. We are dedicated to building and protecting the brands and companies we represent by going the extra mile that other retailers simply won’t do. Our years of retail service is reflected in our growth and one you can count on to care about your brand as much as you do.



The brands we have partnered with have come to expect that H5 Products will deliver beyond their expectations when it comes to marketplace execution. H5 Products is committed to making the investment when we have found the right partner.

H5 Products has developed a program that aligns every partner's purpose and vision with that of their marketplace strategy. While every brand has different goals, objectives, restraints and opportunities, we have found that the following topics are what most companies care about and where we can be of value:

  • Brand Control
  • Content Management
  • Targeted Promotion
  • Premium Experience

At H5 Products, your brand is as important to us as it is to you and we go out of our way to protect as if it were our own.


Remember the days when your sales team spent the whole day looking for retailers to sell your products to? Now your sales staff (and anyone else you have had to hire) is now trying to figure out who are the retailers that are selling your products, where did they get your products, and how do you stop them from selling outside of your pricing policies?

Brands now have staff whose job is to police marketplaces and "try" to keep this under control. It starts to feel like a game of "Whac-a-Mole", a game in which you knock one critter out, and then the next one pops up its ugly head.

Brands are now inundated with "tools" for managing the "Whac-a-Mole" process. For a fee you can use their tools to whack the mole (if you can figure out who the mole is), however the tool does not solve the problem, it just helps you play the game.

No matter what anyone tells you (internal or external) this problem can be solved. This is where the rubber meets the road. It takes commitment, strength and long-term vision. It takes working with a partner who has experience with proven strategies, and the stamina and commitment to stay with it.

If you and your team are truly committed to taking care of this problem, and see the impact resolving the problem can have on all your other partners (i.e. brick and mortar), then H5 Products is ready to partner!


Brand image is everything! Brands would not spend so much on packaging, marketing and education if image was not important, or better yet, critical to how the customer perceives the brand.

At H5 Products, the online brand image starts with the image(s) that are displayed, then the content that describes the product (this includes the claims that are made), and ends with the package that arrives at the customer's doorstep.

H5 Products employs a process that is next to none in the industry. It requires a long term investment in people, processes and a commitment not to cut corners.


A picture (or many) tell the story. It is critical that the customer sees the product as it should be. H5 Products takes a lot of pride in the images it is willing to post. If the brand's images do not meet H5 Products' strict requirements, H5 Products' photo team creates ones that do, most times with 360 degree views.


What is said is important. Sometimes what is said can be problematic (claims?). H5 Products takes the direction of the brand for proper content (descriptions, features, etc...). Together H5 Products and the brand craft the message to appropriately reflect what is accurate and relevant.


What a customer says about the product can be a lightning rod for growth, or a reason for contraction. H5 Products takes its own reviews seriously (over 99% satisfaction), and it takes what customers say in product reviews just as serious. This is true whether the sale was through H5 Products or another seller. H5 Products has dedicated resources to ensure customer's needs are met, and when they are not, understanding what else could have been done, and ideally turning any dissatisfaction into a loyal customer.


There is much more that can be done on the Amazon Marketplace then just list a product to sell.

Today millions of customers are shopping on Let us take our experience on the Amazon Marketplace and put your brand in the position to grow. We will help educate and raise awareness of your product by means of promotion.

Here are just a few of the many tools we use:

  • H5 Products works with the Amazon category teams to create promotions
  • Marketplace advertising campaign – we fight for the best placement
  • Increase product reviews – happy customers promote new customers
  • Cross promote – get a message in front of customers interested in a similar product


You have spent years delivering your brands message of quality, and making sure your brands story is told to the millions of consumers that purchase on every day. With your support, H5 Products can deliver the experience consumers come to expect from your brand. We manually prep all product at our warehouse prior to it arriving at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, which ensures the brands message is consistently delivered the way you want it. It’s not easy, but the right way never is.

This may include clear poly bags, bubble bags, or any other type of protective packaging necessary to ensure that the customer receives their item clean and pristine.

Benefits of customers ordering from us on

  • Customer perspective thinking to ensure 100% satisfaction
  • Product protected in every step of shipping to the customer.
  • Item not scratched , dirty, or littered with stickers or sticker residue.
  • Ensure clean, damage free delivery.
  • Better customer experience equals more customer reviews.
  • Better experience without the extra cost.




We are a huge advocate of MAP pricing and strongly encourage all of our partners to implement and enforce a MAP policy if they do not currently have one. MAP enforcement is crucial to maintaining a premier brand status among customers and allows for equality among all retailers (both online and brick & mortar). We make life easier by working with our partners by monitoring and identifying when and who is not abiding by their MAP agreements.


Products reviews are very important to the success of any brand as more and more consumers read product reviews prior to purchasing anything. By monitoring product reviews for any trends or problems, we can coordinate with our partners to help identify what’s good, what’s not, and help resolve any quality issues so that they may be addressed and the product improved, resulting in an increase of sales and satisfaction.


Product listings with accurate content is very important to the success of any product as customers expect to receive an item that matches both the image(s) and product description. Prior to listing any products, we analyze each listing to ensure a perfect match. If anything is wrong or if anything changes, we have the knowledge to correct the listing and work with our partners to insure everything in their listing is accurate and relevant to protect the brand and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


We provide added value to the many brand owners we work with by knowing how to navigate within the online ecosystem. Whether that be on Amazon, eBay, Jet, or any of the other online selling platforms. Our many years of online experience can truely add to the bottom line for your business by helping you understand all of the various pieces to increase sales. This can be done by improving your online presence with better images, copy, advertising, packaging, etc. And the best part? We do it at no charge to you.


Our network of niche specific web stores and online marketplaces put your brands in front of thousands of new customers that have come to associate the H5 Products family of sites with premium quality products.


We are an approved vendor with a variety of online marketplaces, which includes the ability to list your products places like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Best of all, we have maintained 100% Seller Feedback on all of our marketplace accounts; an accomplishment that we are very proud of and strive to maintain. We are in a unique class of sellers who can list your products in countries such as Amazon Canada and Amazon UK (this includes Germany, France, Spain, and Italy), thus giving your brand international exposure and access to broad new markets.

"Finally, a company that cares about your brand as much as you do."


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