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Beef Shank Bones

Beef Shank Bones

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About this item

   Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy: Treat your pup to the best with our premium filled dog bones. These natural dog bones promote healthy teeth and gums, provide essential nutrients like calcium and phosphorus, and keep your dog entertained and happy

   Satisfy Your Dog's Natural Instincts: Dogs love to chew, and our bone marrow dog bones provide a safe and fun way for your pet to satisfy their natural chewing instincts

   Made in the USA | We Support American Ranchers: Our dog chews for aggressive chewers are sourced exclusively from American farms, and we are proud to offer dog treats made in USA

   Long Lasting Chews: Our dog bones long lasting provides a treat that your dog will enjoy for days to come. Plus, they're locally sourced and minimally processed, ensuring a safe and wholesome dog bone for dogs for your pet

   Reduce Destructive Behavior: By providing real bones for dogs to chew on, they are less likely to chew on inappropriate items like furniture or shoes, saving you time and money

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