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Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling Black / OS

Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling Black / OS

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Viking Tactics offers an elite selection of battle proven tactical gear, affordable quality items
Kyle Lamb, Founder & President of Viking Tactics, with more than 2 decades in US Army & Delta Force


Kyle Lamb is the Founder and President of Viking Tactics | VTAC. For more than two decades he served in the United States Army with over fifteen of those years in the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta Force. He is a world-renowned adventurer, leader, mentor, and author. Entering the retail industry as an entrepreneur with a line of tactical products was a natural move for Kyle. With years of military and combat experience, his custom-designed and personally-tested products deliver top performance and are built to last.


We serve our community through our Stay In The Fight Foundation, delivering time-sensitive funding to individuals who find themselves in an unexpected crisis and are in need of food, clothing, shelter, or health care. We bridge the gap for hard-working Americans by providing immediate interim assistance so they have peace of mind as they strive for self-reliance solutions. Stay in the Fight!

Offering is from battle belts, slings, lights and mounts, pistol accessories, gear and more

Our large selection of high-quality, battle-proven tactical gear is designed by WARRIORS for WARRIORS. The VTAC product line covers a wide variety of tactical needs for the soldier, the law enforcement officer, as well as the competitive shooter. From the Viking Tactics Slings, Belts, Combat Accessories and Light Mounts, we have the right gear at the right offering.

Large selection of high-quality tactical gear & accessories designed by warriors, for warriors
Viking Tactics VTAC comparison chart of slings, padded, hybrid, hydura, and upgrade options
VTAC MK2 style with wide padded mid section VTAC PES Ultra Light Sling with Metal Adjustment Buckle, Hypalon Shoulder strap, coated with tweave wide padded mid-section, light weight free running ends,  rubberized pull tab for tactile feel Cordura wrapped shoulder pad, rubber pull tab for tactile feel, Lightweight textured rubber pull tab for quick adjust, Resin treated nylon, metal hardware, elastic stow bands
VTAC Wide Padded 2-point Sling VTAC Ultra Light 2-point Sling VTAC Hybrid Wide Padded 2-point Sling VTAC Hydura Wide Padded 2-point Sling VTAC Upgrade Wide Padded 2-point Sling
FEATURES: Wide padded mid-section. Added comfort for carrying heavier firearms. Shoulder strap made with closed cell foam and resin treated nylon. Forward adjustable sling with quick and easy adjustments from any position. Designed to give smooth operation with ultra light weight. Hypalon Shoulder strap with a closed cell pad. Coated with tweave material (weight reduction & durability). Metal adjustment Buckle and plastic tri-glides. Wide padded mid-section for increased comfort, free running ends for smooth adjustment. Rubberized pull tab with tactile feel for easy adjustment. Double acetal resin tri-glides in each adjustment section for added strength and durability. Hydura wrapped shoulder pad and rubber pull tab for tactile feel when making quick adjustments. Comfort with decreased weight. Hydura is made with Cordura material which is more lightweight than nylon. Textured rubber pull tab for quick adjustment, Resin treated nylon, metal hardware, elastic stow bands. only sling offered with metal tri-glides, elastic stow bands and rubberized pull tab. Solid colors are nylon; printed colors are cordura material.
EXPERIENCE: Added comfort for carrying heavier guns Ultra lightweight feel and versatility Increased comfort, extra strength and durability Increased comfort, durability, more lightweight Increased comfort, durable adjustments, Metal hardware for increased strength
MATERIALS: Resin-treated Nylon, Durable Plastics Hypalon (light, durable, and water resistant), Metal Buckle, Durable Plastic Tri-glides, Tweave Resin-treated Nylon, Rubber Pull Tab, Double Acetal Resin Tri-glides Hydura/Cordura, Resin-treated Nylon, Rubber Pull Tab, Double Acetal Resin Tri-glides Resin-treated Nylon or Cordura--depending on color, Rubber Pull Tab, Metal Hardware, Elastic Stow Bands
TYPE: 2-point Sling 2-point Sling 2-point Sling 2-point Sling 2-point Sling
COLORS: Black, Coyote, Foliage Green, MultiCam, OD Green, Blaze Orange Black, Coyote, MultiCam Black, Coyote Black, Coyote, Highlander Camo, MultiCam, OD Green, Black MultiCam Black (Nylon), Coyote (Nylon), Highlander Camo (Cordura)
  • VTAC, two point slings, traditional sling, nylon sling
  • Elite experience - SGM(R) Kyle Lamb is the founder of Viking Tactics. His 21-year military career, 18 with Special Forces, underscores the essence of our equipment - designed with the quality, precision and adaptability only an expert like him can deliver.
Brand Viking Tactics
Material Nylon
Color Black
Pattern Solid
Item Weight 0.4 Ounces
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